Frame Style Guide | Shox Sunglasses

Frame Style Guide | Shox Sunglasses

Do you struggle to know what style of frame best suits you? The Shox Sunglasses Style guide is here to save the day. 

No matter what your face shape we have you covered! Remember, this is a guide and not gospel - if you love a style and it makes you feel badass then rock it! 

SHOX Sunglasses style guide helps you understand what your face shape is and then gives you some ideas on the frame shapes that best suit your face. 

You may not know what face shape you have, that is OK, you simply have to outline your face either in a mirror or in a selfie. Once you have figured out the face shape category you fall in you will then be able to scroll to see the styles that are best suited to you. 

As we have said before, this is a guide and not a gospel. You may want to experiment and have fun with styles and that is exactly what we want! Fashion is all about having fun and embracing your true self and expressing yourself. 

Once you know you can shop our different styles and colours.

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