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Our Story Blog | Shox Sunglasses

Here at SHOX, our mission is to make every person who wears our sunglasses fill like a superstar – that’s why we spoke to our founder Natasha Worby to find out what made her so passionate about starting SHOX, how it was created from the ground up and what makes our shades unique from the rest.


Why did you want to start your business?


“I have always been somewhat obsessed with sunglasses. I would find it hard to walk past a sunglasses display without buying a new pair. I then noticed a gap in the market for high quality sunglasses at high street prices. Designer brands aren't accessible to a lot of people but high street products felt flimsy and broke easily. I wanted to bridge the gap by offering stunning styles, luxury quality and impeccable service in a way that was more accessible to people.”


What are your passions and what motivates you?


“I have so many passions! The biggest is probably making people feel amazing and empowered. I am a HUGE advocate of equality and embracing who we are. That is what I love about sunglasses, we can express ourselves freely and there is a style out there for every single person. They don't discriminate, they just make you feel like a badass!”


What sunglasses frames in your range are your favourite?


“It is hard to choose and totally depends on my mood and outfit of the day. If I am feeling chic then Low Key Shady or Moving On. When I am feeling a little more fun then the new collection features a style called Stunnas and these are so fun! They are very 90s inspired and take me back to my youth...yes I was a child in the 90s! If I want to be incognito on the school run then something like Moving On in black, Reddington or Oh Shock are my go to. Once we are able to be back at festivals then After Party, Drunk In Love and In the Mix will be coming out with me.”


What is your all-time favourite shape?


“I don't think you can beat a classic shape, such as that of our oversized aviator Oh Shock or the unisex style that keeps selling out, Typical Me, which we have just launched a slight variation on called "Typical You". Both of those styles suit almost every face shape. you just can't go wrong.”


What sunglasses trends do you want to come back?


“The thing that I love about sunglasses is that there may always be a few trendy styles but the classics are forever with us. The basic shapes and concepts don't vary hugely. That means that we can all update our looks really easily just by popping on a different frame shape or colour. I just love the experimental side of sunglasses, especially when the prices are as affordable as SHOX.”


Women are shaping small, local businesses more than ever, and Natasha is dedicated to delivering excellent, stylish products that reflect local living and local people.
oversized aviator - oh shock

With summer just around the corner, we want you to feel bold and beautiful no matter what you’re wearing. Now that lockdown is lifted and the world is starting to open up again, we want you look at life through rose-tinted glasses (literally!).


We are proud to offer high quality sunglasses with a designer feel at high street prices. Whether you prefer stone-cold aviators, round festival frames or a sassy cat-eye, we’ve got you covered for every occasion. Who says style can’t be affordable?


In need of some new shades for the pub garden?


Contact us today or browse our latest collections!

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