Throwing Shade - In all the right ways!

Throwing Shade in all the right places

Let’s be honest, sunglasses are the ultimate outfit finisher. An edgy pair of shades can make the most basic outfit look high fashion. However, don’t think that classic styles can’t make you stand out from the fashion crowd. Whether cateye sunglasses inspired by 1950’s Hollywood are your go to or oversized sunglasses AKA the Kadashian klan are more your vibe there truly is no right or wrong  way to protect your eyes from UV rays. 

For as long as fashion can remember sunglasses have alway been a key fashion accessory. Celebrities wanting to be incognito when out in public are renowned for dusting off their sunglasses, not just any sunglasses but usually the biggest, darkest pair of sunnies they can lay their hands on. Mums on the school run love nothing more than mirrored sunglasses to add a touch of “put together” to their morning look. Festival fashion would be incomplete without a quirky frame to team with denim, Doc Martins and a Dutch braid. We can’t forget the need for sunglasses all day every day in the summer. Going to sit in a beer garden? Sunglasses. Heading to a pool party? Don’t forget your sunnies. Family BBQ? You got it, sunglasses. 

In recent years men’s sunglasses have been at the forefront of male fashion. Long gone are the days when mens sunglasses choices were limited to aviator styles to rival Tom Cruise in Top Gun or wayfarers to make them look presidential just like John F Kennedy. Nowadays men have a plethora of fashionable sunglasses styles to choose from. The sunglasses arena has grown hugely over the past decade with style icons such as GQ Male Fashion Icon Of The Year 2020 Timothée Chalamet who favours classic styles and is often photographed in styles such as “Typical Me” or “Holy Grail” right through to lil Nas X who rocks high fashion edgy styles similar to “Peek-a-Boo” and “Straight Up”

Whatever your vibe there is a style of shades that will work for you. 

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